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she still sleeps with her headphones on, turned up full.
only you can keep me here. 
25th-Aug-2009 10:28 pm
people/  ed leighton; GG
i apologize for not posting for so long, but life seems to be needing my full attention recently and i havent had the chance to even think about writing about it.
but im back now, hopefully for a while at least (:

now the reason ive decided to post tonight.

i dont think anybody will ever understand how much we have been through.
it sounds clique, but we have both fought so hard to get to where we are. 
harder than most people will ever bother to imagine, because i was determined to never give up + she was determined to right everything she did wrong.

and it was hard, and people thought i was stupid and just being stubborn.
but at the end of the day,  every little  piece of pain was worth how we've turned out.
all the jealous friends, the back-stabbing bitches and malicious rumours
turns out nothing is going to stop her being my best friend
and i dont really  think anything ever will.

we're complete idiots when we're together.
we spend majority of our time checking out guys.
we like to get drunk together, and i dont enjoy parties without her.
she brings out the worst in me, and i do the same to her.
i tell her everything and anything.
and she understands how im feeling all the time, it would be scary if it wasnt so awesome.

and lastly,

because drunk-nuzzles are our thing (;

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