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she still sleeps with her headphones on, turned up full.
20th-Jan-2010 04:38 pm
tv/ heroes; milo facepaint

its been a year,
filled with problems.
but now you're here,
almost as if to solve them
and i can't live in a world without you now.

all my life,
ive been searching for you
how did I survive,
in this world before you
cause i dont wanna live another day without you now.

this is the best thing,
the best thing that could be happening
and i think you would agree
the best thing is that its
happening to you and me.

all im gonna have,
is all that you can give me.
and i'll give right back,
everything i have in me
cause nothing ever felt as right
as this does right now.

i'll go back to before we met,
try and erase the past,
try harder to forget cause
nothing will ever be as good as here and now.
cause when i looked into your eyes
and you dared to stare right back,
you should've said "nice to meet you, im your other half"

and this is the best thing,
the best thing that could be happening.
and i think you would agree,
the best thing is that its happening,
happening to you and me

always knew
i'd find someone
i never dreamt
it'd be like this
you've surpassed
all that i've hoped for (and ever wished)
and i'm tryin',
so hard
with all my heart and mind
to make your life
as good as you've made mine.
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