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she still sleeps with her headphones on, turned up full.
i am feeling so ambitious 
29th-Jun-2009 08:14 pm
people/ milo; long hair

its a shame that it had to be this way
its not enough to say im sorry.

maybe im to blame
or maybe we're the same
but either way i can't breathe
either way i can't breathe

im alive but im losing all my drive
cuz everything we've been through
and everything about you
seemed to be a lie
a guiltless, twisted lie

it made me learn to hate you
or hate myself for letting it pass by

all i had to say is goodbye
we're better off this way

but please,
tell me I was wrong

8th-Aug-2009 11:03 pm (UTC)
seriously dude, you neeeed to post again!
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