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she still sleeps with her headphones on, turned up full.
and its because of that stupid small word 
11th-Jan-2010 11:35 am
tv/ heroes; peter, blood.

well my new years eve was pretty interesting..


my house got abit trashed,
but there's nothing better than bringing the new year in with some of you best friends is there? (:




he's the chuck bass to my blair waldorf (L)
'well, you know its love when you start talking like an assasin'

ohhh, recently ive started watching friday night lights- tbf it was ony because of my insane love of the floppy-haired taylor kitsch- but im starting to get rather addicted.
guess thats another to add to my list with gossip girl and veronica mars <3

soooo, i spent my saturday afternoon with my best oneeeee (L)
took some photos, +made a snowman with our recent bucketload of snow:)

i actually adore her quite alot,


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