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she still sleeps with her headphones on, turned up full.
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31st-May-2009 04:14 pm - Writer's Block: Venting
tv/ heroes; peter, blood.
What's the most annoying thing that happened to you this week?
just having to camping was annoying enough.. but no electricity for a week was hell.
plus i missed everyone- and couldnt even go to see star trek with fiona  ):
but it is sunny; so that is kind of a plus..
tv/ heroes; peter, blood.

jeez, long time no post.
but i have been busy ya'knooo..
revising for various tests [spanish has actually given me the worst migrane imaginable]
trying to sort out the various boy-related problems in my life [which are still to be sorted..]
nearly getting another detention; this time because emma was chasing me around the lab trying to put a pencl up my nose [is it no wonder that i out-grew that girl?]
and trying to earn some money to get the various piercings i have planned..   (;
plus trying to finish the fanfic that fiona is bugging me to read.

so i really do have an excuse  :D

school is now practically deserted. the year elevens have left, which is utter crap as now there is no one to stalk *ahem* check out.  but it was bucketing it down anyway, and because my friends are certifiably insane they thought it would be a good idea to go out in it.    as it turns out, its not the best idea as white shirts + water = a rather embarassing situation. 

plus my summer holidays are now nearly full, with going to rhodes for a week, then maybe going to Uppingham Theatre School for another and now going off to surf for a few weeks with my tom [who i have been missing like mad] it looks like ill hardly be in leicester at all..   what a relief!   and as an added bonus- oh yes in writing-

so i get spencers room, AND to go surfing again;  my life is getting good :D

now im getting a bit of milo withdrawal symptoms :P


okay right, i know i couldnt decide which way i liked his hair most- but i think it like this.
plus close upppp (L)


leather jacket. leather jacket. leather jacket.   (LL)
badboy jess is love.


gahh he's too damn pretty!
10th-May-2009 07:03 pm - Writer's Block: All About My Mother
tv/ heroes; peter, blood.
Who is your favorite mother (the character, not the actress) from television or the movies?
i think any girl that has seen gilmore girls would want lorelai gilmore as a mother.
she's fun, quirky and is best friends with her daughter; what more would you want?
5th-May-2009 07:00 pm - the taste of your lips is so poetic
tv/ heroes; peter, blood.

ahh sooooooo many things i could say ..
 first off,    milo (LLL)
could he get any cuter?
+ that nuzzle is blates me+fiona   (;


star trek soon hopefully!
chris pine, zachery quinto AND simon pegg.
- life is good.

i have to say a mixture of gilmore girls, heroes + rooney are the best way to make me feel better;
and they worked wonders today..


short one today; just in that kind of mood


that is especially for fiona;   cuz we're gonna meet tacheman soon  (:

p.s.   sarah your a geek  ;)
but i still love you.

1st-May-2009 04:42 pm - i feel this could be the last time
people/ rpattz approves.
.. its been foreverrrrr!
well okay its actually only been like, three days.
but still..

not alot has happened, apart from;
- me making a fool out of myself in front of him.
- me then getting the courage to talk to him, and things actually going well..
- lauren + tim sorting things out
- and me telling the  person i am sick of being a back-stabber that i want nothing more to do with her :)
so im feeling kinda good + free..
only one more thing to sort out of course

so we had a food technology theory test today; and i basically ended up writing rooney lyrics for most the answers- so i will probably fail that cause as much as I love Robert- im not sure my teacher will..

one good thing though, me and bella are off to brum to see our minor boys again; and ali has promised me a big hug :D
which is definately something to look forward to, along with confusing dan with our pencil conversation again..   :P
tbh, i have missed ed, alex, ed.h, ali and chin-man   (:

ahh todays POTD, my teddy bearrrr- and he wearing my hat ;)
i miss this sexy boy,  and his amazing hugs!

+ i may be going to see damien rice again, and a fine frenzy  :D
and rooney on their next UK tour..   :P
and basically i have a long list of people to see this year       :D

ahhh me + danny are dorks together!    ;)

well because i havent posted in ages..

something special...

*squees like a fangirl*
god i wish i was adrian right there..

anywayy im off, hopefully gonna go see my good friend haydn!



ahh PMSL!
27th-Apr-2009 04:31 pm - i dont know why, maybe you do?
tv/ gilmore girls; jess read

im a terrible person,
cause ive made up my mind.
im a terrible person,
cause ive lead him on.

today, well it sucked.
and i dont even know why.
i didnt see he who shall not be named,  nor did anything vaguely interesting happen.
plus it was raining which made the day even suckier..

right now im trying to cheer myself up by listening to rooney and talking to fionaaaaaaa but i still feel like crap;
maybe its just lack of sleep/

right important thing now..  

doesnt jonas armstrong have a bit of a chubby face?
im not holding it against him; but as half of my friends are clearly blind- just to clear up the fact that HE HAS A FAT FACE  (:


hide it he may.. but we still know the truth.

anywayy so tbh- who wouldnt choose joe over him anyday?

+ one last robin hood related thing..
what the hell is up with Guy's hair?

i meann, ewwwww.


anywhoo im off- things to do; people to annoy.


im afraid-
i dont think ill ever be sorry,
no im not sorry for the things ive done.
and i dont think ill ever wake up lonely
cause having him wasnt all that special  (8)
people/ rob; cute face

jeez i havent posted for quite a while, and quite a lot has happened ..

friday was just the usual school stuff,   though i did get a bit angry with joe for his inappropriate comments  [ 'everytime i see you ou're wearing less clothes']  as i had decided not to wear a stupid shirt, just my jumper instead.
+ also we couldnt find a certain someone which was kind of a bummer  :(
then i tried to have an early night on friday- which didnt work as my bludy hedgehog kept me awake all night!

work on saturdayyy-  im sure my boss is a slave-driver.
+ went shopping with bella bella bella (:
she decided she was my 'personal shopper' and basically spent £80 of my money on clothes that i am really not sure about wearing.
but apparently if i dont wear it she will kill me; so im gonna try and stay alive this time..
but she did  get me to get the uber cool hat from topman ;)
then saturday night was.. eventful.  *cough*    no comment, no comment    *cough*

woke up with a pounding headache and was instructed to go to the bludy gym!
so i spent about an hour with a hangover at the gym then gad to go play squash (which i totally suck at btw..)  and hit myself in the head with the raquet a few times...
and came home to a message from a certain someone    :P

anyway although my life is obviously uber interesante; a bit of eye-candy is always a plus/


i find this picture so ridiculously hot...    like woahh.


milo loves the doughnuts-
though the coffee is making me craze a starbuck now...

ohh speaking of mr. ventimglia,  i still havent decided-
milo or robert?


its just so hard...



23rd-Apr-2009 07:18 pm - but you disappeared on me
tv/ heroes; peter, blood.
im sorry sorry for making your life a living hell
but that wasn't me
that was my alter ego

so today.
english was fail.   no entertainment there.
food theory  (:      with my christoph, ive missed him to be perfectly honest,  cuz i love him.
drama-  another set of year eleven show-thingies. + basically the second one made about everyone cry, as it was about 9-11 and the people that did it were basically amazing.
then a bludy pe theory test,  which i can tell ive basically failed- as i spent most my time laughing at bella + her 'chin' signals   :P

though lunch was rather.. strange.
the usual jibes about liking someone who is not even 17 and the new one about how i apparently change my mind every 2 seconds.   but they love it really :P
and also now fiona+bella have decided his chin is too flat  :S     i have no idea what they're on about but they wouldnt shut up about it.
until we saw lewis kissing his girlfriend that we didnt know existed and bella kinda shut up.    + i tried to attack tim for breaking laurens heart.

anyway big question of the day...     milo ventimiglia or robert carmine?
kind of a tricky question.
cuz milo is kinda drop-dead gorgeous, an amazing actor+ played one of my favourite charecters ever.
but robert is ridiculously handsome, has awesome hair + amazingly musically talented..
tough decision guys  (;

okay so i basically dream about him..  

but he plays 4 musical instruments + his voice kinda gets to me..
+ his hair (L)

its too hard to work out
anyway- boring post; but ive got stuff to do (:

22nd-Apr-2009 08:11 pm - well your father likes my lifestyle
people/ rpattz; fuckingfuck
well today. 
kinda indescribable;  but in a good way.
met this kinda awesome guy- and made the mistake of telling bella, who went and basically stalked him all lunch.
then had to go through the whole thing that everyone was making fun of me as for once he isnt in sixth form, hes in year 11 which is apparently a young one for me (;
though still older than me.

i got  some new rooney songs last night, so sat through all of maths learning them all.   + ofc discussing the male-tyoe person with genna, katie + charli.
+ofc did some maths work :P

drama was actually seriously enjoyable; we watched some year 11 GCSE play things.   they were both excellent, though the second one was actually amazing.    there are some awesome actors/actresses in our school- spesh the guy that did the murders in the second one..   (;

then i had a calippo for lunch  cuz it was sunny again :D
and had to try and stop bella from stalking the guy who will not be named.
+ trying to steal fionas rayban-a-likes.
+ trying to hide from scary ex-boyfs.
+ doing a happy dance because it was sunny.

right im bored, and tired afteer going on a stupid two hour run.


ahh god his smile makes me melt.
21st-Apr-2009 06:37 pm - meme dos.
film/ twilight; this sucks

sooo i got told to do the favourite charecter meme.
+ as mine is kinda obvious already- lets just get on with it shall we..  (:

1. Do you like this character?

without a doubt.

2. What name/s do you call this character?

jess usually,  though 'hot stuff' or anything along those lines works just as well..

3. What image-color do you associate with this character?

ima gonna say green, cuz when he wears that army tee, he looks nicer than normal.

4. What image-song do you associate with this character?

anything loud  (;

5. What blood-type do you think this character is?

pfft i have not a clue..

6. Of all of the titles to that this character appears in, what character do you like to put this character with?

rory gilmore all the way.  why oh why was she with that logan jerk..

7. What would you want to say to this character?

hmm, id probably just faint. as i fainted when peter facinelli kissed me + i like jess wayyy more (;

8. Which do you want to do with this character: Shake hands, hug, or kiss?

hug would probably be best; if i would like to stay conscious..

9. Please choose 6 friends with your choice of character.

fiona do it bubz- thats all i want :)
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